Mike In The U.S. Day 2 of 13

This morning Mike went shopping for those important things like Nutter Butters, Starbucks coffee syrup and comic books. The morning was spent running around with our boss, Mark, from store to store fulfilling a “needs” list of things to bring back to Honduras.
In the afternoon Mike and Mark drove to Chapin, South Carolina to spend time with Faith Presbyterian Church. These folks have planned a weekend of meetings and social events so that they can better understand what God is doing in La Ceiba, Honduras.
Mike talking with medical folks from Faith Pres.In the evening Mike met with doctors and their spouses, 20 people in all. After a great serving of bar-b-q Mike shared with the group the health conditions in Honduras and how the Lord is calling us all to serve the Hondurans medically.
It was great to spend time with these folks. This looks to be a great weekend. It is such a blessing to feel so welcomed and to see the Lord glorified.

Check back tomorrow to see what else is going on.