Honduras Government Rejects U.S.

As a sign of solidarity with the anti-U.S. governments of Bolivia and Venezuela, the Honduran government refused to accept the new U.S. Ambassador to Honduras.

This is the latest action that shows that Honduran President Manuel Zelaya is creating distance with their ally the U.S. and starting to cozy up to the leftist government of Venezuela.  

Three weeks ago Honduras entered into a trade agreement, the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA), which would provide subsidized oil from Venezuela.  And, in the Fall of 2007 Honduras mended ties with Cuba after 46 of siding with the U.S.

By not accrediting the U.S. Ambassador Honduras has, at least temporarily, stated that they wish to have no negotiations with the U.S.  While the U.S. embassy remains open there is currently no U.S. Ambassador assigned to Honduras.  However, Honduran President Zelaya did indicate he was not permanently breaking relations with the U.S.

Honduras is now the 4th Latin American country to expel or decline their U.S. Ambassador in the last two weeks – the others are Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador.