Book Review: Shepherding A Child’s Heart

Shepherding A Child's Heart by Tedd TrippTedd Tripp wrote this book in 1995. The author draws on his 30 years experience as a pastor, counselor, school administrator, father and instructor of the material contained in this book.
Tripp writes this parenting book from a different perspective. Instead of teaching you the latest psychological tricks to be a good parent, he reviews the centuries old truths contained in the Bible on how to be a good Christian who is parenting. He explores parenting methods witnessed inside and outside the church.
The heart of his teaching rests in the fact that we are to be instructing our kids to be good Christians, not good humans. Instead of disciplining to change behavior we need to take each parenting moment as an opportunity to train a child how to glorify God.
Our children don’t misbehave because they weren’t breastfed or picked on in school. They misbehave because they are sinners. Our children do not need to learn how to behave properly, they need to learn how to lean on and trust in God. A child that is instructed at an early age that they are a sinner and Christ is the solution will not try to treat the symptoms as an adult, but, will be trained to embrace the grace of Christ. Tripp acknowledges that worldly attitude adjustment is easier then Biblical instruction. However, the end result is the proof.

This is a challenging book that will leave any parent analyzing and possibly altering their own behavior.