English Instruction In Armenia Bonito – Fourth Class

Erin excited because a student "got it"We taught our fourth English as a Second Language (ESL) course in the community of Armenia Bonito.  This was the 4th of 10 weekly classes we will teach to this group. These classes are on Thursdays from 9am to 11am.

Our class was down to 18 students.  While the numbers have dropped the relationships, intensity and interaction have increased.  We are really beginning to get to know some of these core students and are enjoying laughter, hugs and bonding with them.

Mike making the "th" soundIn class we are really beginning to focus on some of those sounds that just don’t exist in Spanish (the “z” sound in cheese, “th” in anthem and the “h” in heat).  Much of this is requiring some very silly and embarrassing, yet effective, techniques.  We often walk around saying, “Look closely in my mouth.”  And, then we over enunciate.  We also taught family members titles and animal names in class.

After class Erin treated eight or so people for medical needs.  We then made a home visit to a large family that we are getting to know well.  We were able to spend some great time with this poor family of 11 that live in a little shack.