Marshmallows And Flame

David Guevera is the Director of a high school youth program in La Ceiba called Flame.  David asked Mike to come hang out at the weekly youth group meeting.  Mike was also asked to be in charge of the games for the evening.

Mike, who served as the high school youth Director at our home church for seven years, is well versed in odd, gross games that teens love.  Mike took the opportunity to introduce the Honduran kids to two great marshmallow games; chubby bunny and spitting for distance.

Pan BimboIn chubby bunny (we changed the name to “pan bimbo”) you take large marshmallows and stuff them in your mouth.  You loose when you have so many marshmallows in your mouth that you can no longer say "pan bimbo", or you choke, and gag, and spit out the marshmallows.

In spitting for distance you take small marshmallows and spit them.  The person whose marshmallow travels the furthest wins.  The kids loved these new games and really enjoyed looking foolish.

the Flame kids worshiping in songAfter games we sang worship songs lead by David and his wife Megan.  David then gave a brief Bible study and was followed by Tony.  Tony gave a powerful testimony where he detailed a life of drugs, gunfights, murder and finally a relationship with Christ.

It was a great evening.