Our First Tropical Storm

The path of 16Tropical Depression Sixteen (as it is currently called) is off the North coast of Honduras and is heading directly towards us.  Since I last reported the storm has slowed its westerly movement.  It is now scheduled to reach us here in La Ceiba by late Thursday morning.

bird on a wireIt is scheduled to increase in size and strength from a tropical depression to a tropical storm before it gets here.  The sustained winds are expected to be between 40-70 mph.  This is our first experience with such a storm.  The amount of rain that has already fallen over the last 24 hours is amazing.  There is flooding all throughout town and many of the roads are impassable.

rain on our wind chimesAs we drove up to Madison’s school this morning the security guard was turning people away.  “No classes today.”  So you can imagine that Madison was heartbroken to have to miss her test that was scheduled for today.  Like “snow days” in parts of the U.S., there are “rain days” here.

look at the rain at Mike's feetOur home is about five feet off of the street.  So the chance of major water damage for us is extremely minimal.  However our yard is flooding quiet nicely.  We have experienced several downpours of amazing proportions already.  They have been so loud that you have to shout in the persons ear next to you to be heard.  The abundance of local insects (giant ants, scorpions, millipedes, etc.) has been sent scrambling for dryer ground.  Luckily for them they are finding it in our house.

We will keep you informed and provide you with updates.  If you want to track the storm yourself you can go to the National Hurricane Center.

Please pray for us and the people of Honduras.