Wet And Wild

determinationOur first big storm has dissipated and passed.  Man that was a bunch of rain.  The rain combined with the poor drainage system here in La Ceiba caused some pretty impressive flooding.  But, that is something the locals are accustomed to.

crossing a lakeAs we drove around La Ceiba in the past couple of days it seemed like there was flooding on every 3rd or 4th street corner.  Most cars tried to cross the little lakes, some made it, some didn’t.  We have learned to trust the taxi drivers.  If a taxi driver is in front of you and he turns around, you’d better do the same.

We have heard lots of reports of flash floods and some property damage, but, no deaths.

Today we go out to Armenia Bonito to teach our weekly English class.  It is all dirt roads out there with many shanty homes.  We are eager to see how that community did in the storm.  We don’t anticipate many students today.