Getting Around In La Ceiba

There are lots of taxis for about $1 per person.  And, you can take a bus anywhere for about 35 cents.  But, the average Honduran makes about $3,000 per year.  So when people need to get to work or to the market there is quite a bit of creativity utilized.

four people on one scooterYou will often see three or four people on a scooter or motorcycle.  Frequently you will see the toddler in front, dad driving, mom in the back and an infant between them.  This drives Erin crazy.  You do have to laugh when you see the infant with an oversized helmet on.

guys in a truckNext is the pickup truck.  When an employer needs workers he will often pick up 15+ guys and put them in the back of his truck.  It is not rare to see 20 people in one pickup.  The part that is scary is that most of them sit on the edge or on the tailgate.

two on a bikeFinally, our personal favorite is the two people on a bike.  One person sits on the seat and the second person sits sidesaddle on the frame.  We have noticed gender etiquette.  If it is two guys on the bike the person on the seat peddles and holds the shoulders of the front rider, while the front rider steers.  If it is a guy and girl, the guy sits on the seat, pedals and reaches around the girl to steer.

Got to love those public transportation options.