Book Review: The Attributes Of God

The Attributes of God by AW PinkAfter spending time in a gnostic cult AW Pink studied at the Moody Bible Institute and ultimately pastored several churches in Australia and the United States.  Pink wrote over 20 books and over 2000 articles. This book first appeared as 17 separate articles in Pink’s monthly magazine “Studies in the Scriptures”.

Each of the 17 chapters of the book addresses one attribute of God – Solitariness, Holiness, Power, Supremacy, Immutability, Decrees, Knowledge, Foreknowledge, Patience, Grace, Mercy, Love, Faithfulness, Goodness, Wrath, and Contemplation.

Pink points out that we, the created, often attempt to make God what we want Him to be.  We worship the picture of God we like.  But, to truly worship and follow something you must know what it is, not what we want it to be. People often say, “my God wouldn’t…”, or “I wouldn’t worship a God that would…”.  Pink’s book addresses many of the less warm and fuzzy notions of God that many wish God didn’t have.

One of the first steps to honoring God is to know Him as He truly is.  We are then called to worship and praise what He is, not what we want Him to be.  Pink masterfully pulls from Scripture the truths of God.  He paints a picture of God from God’s past actions and words.  God has told us what He is like in the Bible.  There is no need for us to guess.  Pink challenges the reader to worship the true God, not the one we have made up in our sinful mind.