Rain And Flooding In La Ceiba

flooding a busiest intersection in twonUnprecedented rains started falling in La Ceiba early Thursday and have not let up.  Flooding and sporadic power outages have hit through the La Ceiba region.  The rain is expected to continue into Saturday.  The Emergency Municipal Department declared a 72 hour period of emergency ending at 11:00am on Saturday.  All schools, banks and business are to suspend activity until then.

just the startMany people who have lived here for years have said they have never seen a disaster this big in La Ceiba.  Strong rain is coming down in the whole area causing rivers to crest their banks and scattered mud slides.  Many neighborhoods have reported complete flooding and many families have lost everything. Some houses have three feet of water inside them.

The local newspaper reports that La Ceiba has not seen this type of disaster since hurricane Mitch, 10 years ago.  Eighty percent of the community has been hit in some way.  Families are being turned away from overcrowded shelters.

We have canceled our health clinic, English class and kids Christmas party.  We have housed some people that are homeless and we are going out today to see how we can help.