Pettengills In The U.S. – Entry 6

The last few days we have been enjoying some quiet, relaxing time with friends in the warm climate of Phoenix, Arizona.
We have been to the store a few times to address computer issues, buy ministry supplies and purchase a few things on our personal list (DVDs, books, clothes, etc.).
After five weeks of coughing Erin finally went to a doctor to discover she had bronchitis.  Following a few doses of newly purchased meds she is on the mend.
Mike has been working on the outline for a preaching engagement he has this Sunday. While Maddy has been spending 14 hours a day playing with friends.
Today is Maddy and Erin’s last full day in the U.S. They board a flight Saturday night.  Mike will stay in Arizona for eight more days. During that time he will visit four church services and have several group meals, all to promote our work in Honduras.