Dividing The English Classes

the beginners classFor the past three or so classes our team has been dividing our English classes in Armenia Bonito.  There have been three different groups; kids, beginners and intermediates.  Each class has a completely different curriculum.  The kids are being taught with fun methods including songs.  The beginners class is a group of kids and adults that the kids classare a little more serious.  The beginners have been using a very basic curriculum focusing on conversation and basic sounds.  The intermediate group is a small group of people that are very serious about their learning.  The intermediates have been using mostly conversation and have been receiving homework and additional practice.

This new division the intermediate classappears to be working very well.  It is holding the attention level of most participants.  Each group is receiving a more focused and ability appropriate level of instruction.  All three curriculum are either original inventions of our team or drastic modifications of other curriculum.

On Saturday we had 37 students in all.