Church In Armenia Bonito And Kid’s Club

church in Armenia BonitoOn Sunday evening most of our team went to Armenia Bonito and attended one of the churches there.  During the service two of our teammates played guitar and sang three songs (two in Spanish and one in English).  Mike stood up and introduced some of our new teammates to the congregation.  Next, Mike delivered a brief study from Jonah and how it applies to us today.

"stars" at Kid's ClubMonday afternoon we held our weekly Kid’s Club meeting in Armenia Bonito.  Over 40 kids attended.  We introduced the kids to a new game and a new song.  They heard the story of the multiplication of bread and fish and worked on memorizing John 6:35.  It was amazing to see over 20 kids able to receipt the entire verse from memory after just a few minutes of practice.  At the end all the kids colored a basket a glued paper fish and bread to it.