Map Of Armenia Bonito

We do most of our work in the community of Armenia Bonito.  This is a very poor neighborhood on the western edge of La Ceiba, Honduras.  There are approximately 3,000 people and 400 houses in Armenia Bonito, but nobody really knows for sure.  Official data on Armenia Bonito is difficult to find.  Outside of handwritten ledgers and the memories of older residents, information is rare.

Bob Severinghaus with the GPSBob Severinghaus, one of our teammates, has already spent several days walking around Armenia Bonito with a hand held GPS.  He is plotting points, taking distances and snapping photos.  Bob is creating an exact map of Armenia Bonito.  We have coordinated this project with the Patronato (community President) of Armenia Bonito.  When Bob is done this project may yield a detailed census, street names, house numbers, and more.  This all seems very basic, but these are things that they just don’t have there.  The final product could even be submitted to the local government for official purposes.

early map of Armenia BonitoHow important is this?  Think about going to the bank, paying your electric bill or having bricks delivered all without street names or a house number.  Think about voting, paying taxes or calling an ambulance all without street names or a house number.

In addition this tool could be amazingly useful for our ministry.  Medical records, meeting with families, street evangelism, and more, all could be tied to a map, with pictures of houses and pictures of faces, and statistical information.

A benefit for the people of Armenia Bonito, us, and the Kingdom.  Can’t wait.