Busy Day At The Medical Clinic

On Thursday we had a very busy day at our weekly medical clinic.  We usually see 50 patients on a clinic day and this time we saw 70.  The additional volume was due in large part by having help from our one-week missionary Minjin Kim.

"modern" medical clinicIn the picture to the left you will notice that our clinic has evolved greatly from the begining.  We have made many changes from the first days when it was just Mike and Erin on wooden benches.  We now have three stations: vitals, patient care and pharmacy.  Two big things you will notice in the picture are privacy screens and a computer that is used to document and maintain ongoing patient history and records.

On Thursday we noticed a large upturn in the number of serious and chronic problems.  Recently we have seen less coughs, cuts and colds and more arthritis, glaucoma and diabetes.  Many of these are difficult for us to treat with our limited resources, but we are finding creative ways address much of it.

All of our patients receive free medications.  We are offering to pray for people individually and everyone is receiving Spanish language evangelism tracts.  So many strong relationships are being built and Christ’s mercy is being shown to dozens of people each day.  It is such a pleasure to see how this ministry has evolved and how it is glorifying God.