Great Gift Idea For Your Favorite Missionaries

Ok, this is an awkward topic for us.  But, many people have asked, “What can I send you, for you, personally?”  There are many things that we miss, but postage is just so darn expensive (minimum of $38 per box).

So, here is our recommendation for those who have a desire to spoil us…iTunes gift certificates.  They can be sent electronically.  Therefore, they are fast, simple and have no postage cost.  All three of us download from iTunes regularly.  You can download tv shows, movies, music, audio books, software and more.  In fact, iTunes is one of our few legal options for keeping up with our mind candy (24, Lost and Bones).

The only catch is that you must have the iTunes software on you computer to send the electronic gift certificates.  That is the only place to purchase the electronic versions of the gift cards.  If you don’t have iTunes you can download it free for your PC or Mac.

If you have iTunes it is easy…go to the iTunes store, click “buy iTunes gifts”, click “e-mail gift certificates”, enter our e-mail address ( and select an amount from $10 to $200.

Please don’t feel compelled to send us gifts.  But, if this is your desire, please make it easy on yourself.