Young Kids And English Classes

kids at ESLOur ESL classes are going well.  We are providing a chance for people to learn an important skill and we are regularly working Evangelism into our classes.  In our class today we over 40 students.  More then half of those were kids.

We have taught English classes in Costa Rica and here in Honduras.  We have had great success with adults and a little bit of difficulty with kids.  Most kids do not have the attention span to sit and learn something as complicated as a foreign language.  We have struggled to know what to do with these kids.

In January our team reworked the format of our English classes.  The more motivated kids were placed with the adults and the less motivated kids got their own class.  One of our teammates, Andy, did some research and found a kid’s English program with a curriculum based on games and songs.

This has really filled a gap for us.  These kids are now learning English and enjoying their time.