More Health Clinics Then You Can Shake A Stick At

Starting Thursday we will host four free health clinics in eight days.  Usually we only put on one clinic per week.  But, we have some great reasons for this upturn in health activity.  For one, Erin is leaving Honduras for the month of April to attend health trainings and seminars.  So we had to cram in a bit of work before loosing our only licensed health professional.  Second, we are doing some work to help a missionary friend with his ministry to the people who live in the city dump.

Because of all this we will be organizing and hosting free health clinics in Armenia Bonito on Thursday (3/19) and Thursday (3/26).  And, we will run clinics in the city dump on Friday (3/20) and Wednesday (3/25).  This is going to be such a great opportunity to serve needy people.  At these four clinics everyone will receive diagnostic test, medical treatment, free medicine, evangelism and prayer.

We could sure use your prayers.  Planning for, purchasing medicine for and running a medical clinic is hard physically and emotionally.  Please pray for our team and the people we are fortunate to serve.