Sin Nombre – Without A Name

Sin Nombre is a movie that opened this weekend in the U.S. in only six theaters.  Based on the limited number of tickets sold and the critics reviews it looks like it won’t be expanded anytime soon.

We really want to see it.  It is the story of two Hondurans trying to illegally enter the U.S.  Don’t worry, we still believe law breakers should be punished.   But, it looks like a very interesting movie.

It is a about a girl trying visit her dad in the U.S. and a boy trying to escape gang life.  They meet while making the long and dangerous journey from Honduras to the U.S.  Much of the movie takes place on the back of freight trains, on rivers or in the jungle.

It won two awards at the Sundance Film Festival.  It is in Spanish and subtitled in English.  If any of our brave friends get a chance, go see it and tell us what you think.  We will have to wait for DVD.