Kids Club With Moms And Dads

kids and their parentsEvery Monday we host Club de Niños (Kids Club) for the children of Armenia Bonito.  This Monday was a little special.  We started the program a little later and invited all the parents to attend.  We wanted the moms and dads to see what their kids were learning and we wanted encourage them to get a bit more involved.

kids making crownsA little less then half of the kids had parents attend, but that is great participation for this community.  The parents sat in the back and participated in the Bible story, the songs and the craft.  And, a couple even played the game.

Some of the kids were clearly performing for their parents, and others were on improved behavior…never a bad thing.  Parental involvement is healthy and very biblical.  In addition, it was a benefit to our ministry and to the parents for them to better understand our work with their kids.