Mike, Maddy And English

This evening we held one of our regular English classes in Armenia Bonito.  Mike and Madison taught the class for over 30 students.

We continued work from last week on basic greetings as well as a basic lesson on numbers.  We started a new section on location of items (the pen is on the desk, the boy is next to the door, etc.).  That all went well.

The hit of the night was a word game.  Mike tossed a cube with words on it to random students and they had to invent and recite a random sentence from the word in their hand.  This resulted in panic, fear and laughter throughout the class.  Some students laughed themselves into tears.  It is a pleasure to be able to teach and make it fun.

Maddy did a great job helping with pronunciation.  She also gave individual assistance to some of the more challenged students.