Bag Of Water

Mike and a bag of waterWhen you want to drink water here in Honduras it is not by the bottle, glass or tap…it is by the bag.  Bags of water are sold for about 15 cents at almost every store.  You bite off the corner, suck out the contents and discard the empty bag.  Professional soccer players, construction workers and kids walk around with plastic bags hanging out of their mouths.

bag o' waterIt is a great way to keep costs down.  The same amount of water in a plastic bottle is about five times the price.  Plastic bags do puncture pretty easily.  But, if you buy a bad one the store will trade it in for a new one.

There are numerous companies that sell purified water in bags.  This keeps the competition high and the prices low.  While it is an inexpensive and easy way to get purified water, there is the taste.  There is just the slightest taste of plastic in the water.  However, this is not enough of a problem to turn us away.