Is It Really That Simple?

The Bible promises us that Christians will be hated and persecuted throughout the world only because they are Christians.  It even promises that Christians will betray each other.  False leaders (in politics, entertainment and sports) will come and attempt to pry our focus away from Christ.  Our job in the midst of these distractions, worldly concerns and frenzy is to remain focused on the cross.  (Matthew 24:9-14)  Whoever told you being a Christian was an easy thing did not consult the Bible.

Today the world is focusing on the economy, pirates, Obama’s new dog, and Iran’s nukes.  In 10 years, heck – in one year, those issues will be long forgotten and replaced by other mundane topics to distract us from the cross.  But, the eternal love of Christ will still exist.

We are called to let our lives be sacrifices to God. (Romans 12:1)  We are instructed to give up what is important to us and focus on Christ.  (Luke 9:23)  And, warned against walking with one foot in the world and one foot in the Kingdom. (Romans 6:13)  God is clear.  His message is simple.  The results are eternal.

Sometimes it seems hard to give up the world and embrace Christ.  Our family attempts and fails every day.  It seems complex and difficult.  But, in reality it is simple.  Start with the bottom line. (1 Corinthians 15:3-5)  From there the desire to serve and give and sacrifice becomes so obvious.

Not just today, but everyday, remember that the resurrection was a personal gift from the Creator of the Universe to you.  It really is that simple, and complex, and loving, and perfect.

He is risen!