Hmmm, I Wonder…

eating the fish with the headSometimes we stop and wonder, “Would I have let my daughter do that if we were back in the U.S.?”  As a parent there is a fine line between, “What a great learning experience this is for my kid.”, and, “Oh my goodness!  Put that down!”

On Saturday our team took a group of three dozen kids to the beach for a day of swimming, soccer, food, Bible study and fun.  Maddy spent part of that time entertaining the kids and part of the time entertaining herself.

piloting a boatOn that one day our daughter piloted a old outrigger through a river, swam in an ocean, ate a fish with its head on while laying in a hammock, lead a group of diverse kids on the exploration of an island, road in the back of a pickup, investigated several new bugs and animals, ate at a restaurant with a thatched roof and made a shelter out of driftwood and palm branches.  This is not a “normal” day for her, but it is a whole lot more “normal” then it used to be two years ago.

the explorersSometimes we are horrified that we are irreparably damaging our daughter.  Other times we are ecstatic that she is gaining memories and experiences that few U.S. kids will ever encounter.  The missions life has turned us into schizophrenic parents.

We love our daughter.  We also know that God is a better parent then we could ever be.  He has lent us Madison for a brief period and we are grateful for every moment.  In the end as long as we raise her in a Christ honoring way we know it really doesn’t matter how odd or fortunate her experiences are.