Conference On Grace

flier for Grace of God eventOur team is organizing an event here in La Ceiba, Honduras that has the potential to be a big deal.  We are putting on a three-day conference on “The Grace Of God”.  The event is May 28-30 here in La Ceiba.  We are trying to attract the Pastors and leaders of all the churches in La Ceiba.  We have rented a facility that can hold up to 200 people.

We have discovered that most of the churches in La Ceiba are lead by people who frequently have less then a sixth grade education.  They do the best with what they have, but often times lack a deep understanding of theology.  We are organizing this conference as a form of continuing theological education for church leaders.  If we can provide education to the leaders they will pass it on to their congregations.

The three day conference will cost each person $2.50 for quality Spanish language instruction, handouts and food.  We are bringing in Bill Yarbrough, the Latin American Director for MTW as the primary presenter.  Bill is fluent in Spanish, an experienced Latin American church planter and well versed in the topic of grace.

If this event goes well we hope to host additional conferences aimed at providing theological education to local church leaders.  We will keep you informed.  Please pray for us as we organize this conference.