Rare Meeting In Armenia Bonito

Christian leaders from Armenia Bonito, Rodas and Primer de MayoEarlier this week Mike and our teammate Sean attended a rare meeting in Armenia Bontio.  Twenty-five of the area Pastors and church leaders got together to pray, worship and talk about a common vision for the region.  The meeting was organized by Jim Cook, a Texan and President of Heart 4 Children.

The meeting consisted of many of the evangelical leaders from Armenia Bonito and the two neighboring communities of Rodas and Primer de Mayo.  Some of these individuals have had long standing disagreements and even animosity.  Some seldom meet together or even interact.

A common vision and set of goals were discussed during the meeting.  Some talked about the past, but most focused on future plans and cooperative efforts.

Four of these Pastors and our team have been gathering every Monday to pray for these three communities.  But, because of work commitments, ongoing animosity and other responsibilities not all church leaders attend.  Our weekly prayer meetings have never been this well attended.

The end result of this meeting was simple and heart warming – Twenty-five Hondurans and three North Americans gathered together to, at least for a short time, set aside areas where we do not agree and focus on our common love for Christ and the expansion of his kingdom.  Thanks to Jim for bringing us all together and thanks to Christ for his mercy.