Toilet Paper, Peanut Butter And Hand Soap

1/2 the stuffOn Thursday Mike and three of our teammates drove to San Pendro Sula.  This is the second largest city in Honduras and is about three hours away from our home in La Ceiba.  Because it is a bigger city it has better prices and bigger stores.  We drove there specifically to go to PriceSmart so we could buy in bulk for the 10 short term mission teams that will be visiting us this summer.

on the road againThere are an estimated 120 short-term missionaries coming between June 1st and August 31st.  They will all live in our house.  Our team is responsible for providing food, bathroom supplies and other necessities while they are here in La Ceiba.

In order to be good stewards of the money we have been given we felt it was best to take this six-hour roundtrip and buy in bulk for the summer.  The four of us took a 12-person minivan and purchased nearly $1500 in supplies to keep our visiting missionaries alive.  Four adults, one baby and $1500 in household goods, all crammed in a minivan is quite a site.

Driving around with 400 rolls of toilet paper, 100 lbs. of coffee and 30 loaves of bread is not one of the most glamorous aspects of missions, but wholly necessary nonetheless.