A Family United

mom and kid together againSince we waved goodbye to Erin on March 28th the three of us have been eagerly awaiting this day.  Erin is home and our family is reunited.  A month is a long time apart.

Erin has been in North Carolina, California and Mexico.  She has attended two outstanding medical training seminars that will help her to do a better job here in Honduras.  The knowledge gained was so very worth the effort.

For the first two thirds of the month long separation our family was able to keep in daily contact via video conference calls on Skype.  But, the last 10 days were a little hard.  Just north of Mexico City Erin had no phone or internet service.  We did not hear a word from her, but continued to read news about the ever-growing concerns over swine flu in and around Mexico City.

Regardless, she is home, happy and safe.  Our family is together again…er…for a few more days.  Now it is Mike’s turn to leave.  On April 3rd Mike leaves for nine days of Disaster Response training in Pennsylvania.

So, we will enjoy the time God has given.  We will love each other and continue to serve.