Mike Is Home, Last Day Of School, And Health Clinic

After attending the Disaster Response Training in Pennsylvania Mike is back home in La Ceiba.  He had to fly the red eye and then spend the night in the airport.  Mike reports that the airport in San Pedro Sula, Honduras was on high alert for swine flu.  Each passenger was receiving a health quiz and the security was using a high tech thermal scanner to check for fevers.  All this, and Honduras still does not have its first case of swine flu.

Today, Madison completed her last day of class for the school year.  Next week she has three finals and then her first year of Honduran school is over.  In Honduras if you have an A+ going into finals week you do not have to take the final for that class.  Because of this Madison will not need to take the final in Spanish.  However, she only has a B in English and will have to take that final…go figure.

Our team hosted our weekly health clinic in Armenia Bonito today.  Erin saw 50 patients.  Each person received prayer and evangelism tracts.  Our friend Walter, a teenage boy we work with, came in with a massive infection in his hand.  Erin said that in the U.S. he would have needed to go to a hospital for an infection that severe.  We are the best option Walter has.  Erin also saw what she thinks is the second case of Tuberculosis in Armenia Bonito.  She is concerned and would invite your prayers.