Mike And Friends Promoting Grace

In less then two weeks our team is hosting a conference on Grace for local Pastors and church leaders.  We are trying to invite leaders from the dozens of churches here in La Ceiba.  There is no yellow pages, no reliable mail system and no complete list of churches.  So, in order to promote this conference our team needs to go door to door to distribute invitations to all the church leaders.

Each member of our team is driving, biking or walking up and down every street and dirt road in town to find every little church hidden on back streets.  We are trying to personally invite every church leader in the community.

Walter in the truckOn Friday Mike took two of our friends from Armenia Bonito to help invite church leaders.  George and Walter drove with Mike up and down roads to find churches for five hours.  The boys had a great time talking with Pastors and sharing information about the upcoming conference.

George in the truckWalter and George became great pitchmen and really enjoyed promoting the conference.  The three of them spent hours joking, laughing and talking about the conference.  It was important to promote the conference, but it was a great time to bond with some of friends from Armenia Bonito.