Done Promoting Grace Conference

Mike talking with a PastorToday Mike, Erin and our teammate Andy completed the promotion of the Conference on Grace we will host in a week.  There are over 150 churches in La Ceiba.  There is no reliable phone or mail list.  We wanted to invite every church to attend.  A month ago our team set out to visit each church twice and personally invite the leadership to attend our conference.

Each teammate was given roughly 30 churches to find and visit.  In all, we visited over 150 churches two times each.  Each church was given a personal invitation (twice) and a verbal explanation about the conference.  This was a long and difficult process, but it was important to properly inform the Christian community about the conference.

We received responses varying from disinterest and mistrust to excitement and enthusiasm.  All the hard work is done now.  We have no idea if we will have 5 people or 200 people attend our Conference on Grace.  Pray that we have reached all that God wants in attendance.