Soccer At The Movie Theater

Honduran soccer fansOn Saturday the U.S.A. and Honduras played in an important World Cup qualifying soccer match that would help determine if either, neither or both teams would play in The Cup next year.  The U.S. won 2-1.

Every time the national soccer team plays it is bigger then Superbowl Sunday in the U.S.  The country goes nuts and the people are amazing.  So where does a person go if they want to watch a big event, drink in the experience and enjoy the crowd…why, the movie theater of course.

The movie theater usually sells tickets to movies for about $3 per person.  But, when there is a big soccer match being played all movies are put on hold and the game is broadcast at the theater.  For $3 you get a bag of popcorn, a small soda, comfortable seats and a rowdy, arena like atmosphere.

It was lots of fun and very cultural.  We look forward to the next big game.