Santos Mungia

Santos MungiaSantos is the Patronado (the community leader) of Armenia Bonito.  Santos has been a champion of our ministry in Armenia Bonito from the beginning.  He loves Armenia Bonito and spends more time working for free for the community then he does working for pay to support his home.

He is a slight fellow with a strong back and leathery skin.  He is a Christian, a father of three and has a quiet, but authoritative way about him.

Our short term mission teams that are coming to Honduras this summer will be doing much construction on homes.  Santos was instrumental in helping us determine which of the 300 houses need work the most.

We just hired Santos for the summer to be our job foreman.  He will lead the mission teams and work by their sides the entire time.  He is skilled in Honduran construction and has lived in Armenia Bonito all his life.  He does not speak a word of English, but has a patient disposition and a servant’s heart.

By U.S. standards he will receive little pay for his services.  We will pay him a solid and fair Honduran wage, but most importantly he will have a steady stream of income for three months.  This is rare in a country with 28% unemployment.

Please pray for Santos and his family.