Madison’s 13th Birthday

MadisonOn Sunday we will celebrate the 13th birthday of our loving daughter Madison.

In Honduras the quinceañera celebration traditionally marks a girl’s 15th birthday and is a big deal. But, the 13th birthday has little significance here.  Madison’s birthday will be a little odd, but special nonetheless.  She will receive gifts and phone calls from several countries.  Sunday will also be the day our first short-term mission team arrives.  We will have a cake and try to make things “normal” for her.

Maddy and friendMadison is a wonderful young lady with an incredible heart.  It would be nice for her parents to say that she has the best qualities of both Erin and Mike, but this is just not true.  Madison has her own qualities, good and bad.  In fact, Madison has developed her own style.  She does not fit nicely into any subcategory or group.  She is a classification of one.  Madison is weird, funny, odd, smart, awkward, and happy in her own way and under her own rules.  She does not rebel against fitting in nor does she strive for it.  Fitting in is just not relevant to her, and for a Christian, teenage, girl that is not a bad thing.  We have never come across a person that defies classification like Madison does.

Almost two years ago we took our daughter from her house of eight years, removed her from her hometown of 11 years and left behind friends and family to live in Latin America.  She didn’t know the culture, the language or the people.  She has struggled and has had difficulties, but she has persevered and shined like few adults would.  Madison has done a wonderful job with the situation her parents imposed on her.

This weekend Madison becomes a teenager.  This age often marks a radical change in a kid.  Undoubtedly Madison will mark this change in her own Madison kind of way, and only Madison knows what that means.

Madison we love you and thank God for entrusting us with the first 13 years of your life.