Building A House, Kids Club And English

Monday and Tuesday were gloriously busy days.  We worked in Armenia Bonito with our short-term mission team from Covenant Community Church in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Erin building a house in Armenia BonitoIn the mornings on both days we worked on the construction of a new house for Alejandro.  His old house was a one room home made of scrap wood with a dirt floor.  The old house was torn down and we started construction on the new home.  It was so hot and humid that simply standing in the shade caused us to perspire.  By midday on both days we looked like we dove into a swimming pool.

On Monday afternoon we held a kids club in the community center.  Thirty kids saw a Bible skit, played games and did a Bible craft.  Thanks to the generosity of the visiting team, we were able to hand out a free Bible to each kid at the end of kids club.

English classOn Tuesday afternoon we taught an English class in the same community center.  We focused on basics – pronunciation, letters and numbers.  Our visiting team was able to help out greatly, even with limited Spanish.  As we told the team, “The locals know Spanish.  They want to learn English.  You have English and you are able to share it with them.”  Each person was given a vocabulary list and worked on proper pronunciation with the nationals.

We have had a great time with the mission team and are excited they are here.