A Busy And Diverse Day

On Thursday our mission team and our team of short-term missionaries from Covenant Community Church had one of our busiest and most diverse days so far.

Mike sifting sandAt 8am we showed up at our work site to continue construction on a new house for Alejandro.  We made great progress.  We took the four cinder block walls up to five feet.  All of our mortar was mixed by hand on the ground with sifted sand and bags of cement.

Erin at the health clinicAt 10am half of our group left the construction site and started a free medical clinic.  Over 35 patients were seen, including three dog bite victims.  Each person received prayer, evangelism, diagnostic tests, a medical consultation and free medicine.  The clinic lasted six hours.

At noon several of the short-term missionaries went into the hot sun and played with some of the kids on the soccer field for a while.  At the same time Mike purchased all the sand, rocks, cement and blocks we will need to start construction on our 2nd house next week.

Maddy, Erin and Jorge on top of a rockAt 5pm we concluded the clinic and took a bunch of kids out to the river and swam at Tres Piedras (three rocks) for an hour.  Everyone cooled off and had a good time.  Some of the kids and gringos climbed the big rocks and jumped into the river from as high as 25 feet.