Honduras Update For June 28 at 1pm

As of this morning the Honduran military has arrested the sitting President of Honduras for violating a Honduran Supreme Court’s decision and for violating the Honduran Constitution.

The Honduran President requested and received political asylum in Costa Rica.

The Capital of Honduras (Tegucigulpa) is 300 miles south of La Ceiba (where we are).  Protests have been minimal and only in Tegucigulpa.  Our Honduran and U.S. friends that have been out on the streets of La Ceiba today have reported to us that it is a normal day and there have seen no military action or political protests.

The U.S. Embassy has asked that all U.S. citizens in Honduras stay indoors for today only.  We have canceled our plans for today and are staying inside the Pettengill home.

All airports and buses remain open and running.  All Delta flights remain operational (our short-term mission team flies out on Delta).

There are no reports of violence and we have no concern for anyone’s safety.  Our short-term visiting missionaries from Warner Robins and Douglasville, Georgia will travel out of country as previously planned on Tuesday morning.

Mark Thompson, one of MTWs Sr. Project Administrators of short-term missions, by God’s plan is on the same bus and flight as the visiting team.  Mark who was once a missionary in Honduras and is a frequent international traveler will be accompanying the team all the way from our home in La Ceiba to Atlanta.

Later today we are going to give each member of our short-term mission team 5 minutes to call home.  Until then, please forward this e-mail to anyone who may be interested.

To reiterate: There has been no violence, elimination of services and U.S. citizens are not involved in this issue.  We have no reason to believe there is any danger to us or our visiting missionaries.

We ask that you pray for the people of Honduras and the government officials as they sort this out.

Please check back here frequently for updates.