Honduras Update For June 30 at 7:30am

Please check back here often.  I will post updates throughout the day as I have news.

At 7:20am the Hedman Alas bus pulled out of La Ceiba headed directly to the San Pedro Sula airport.  It had all of our short term missionaries from Georgia on it.  This is great news.  Because of the 9pm – 6am government imposed curfew Hedman Alas had canceled all its busses.  Hedman Alas scheduled this bus specifically for our group in order to get them to the airport on time.

Their Delta flight is scheduled for noon.  The bus should arrive at the airport by 10:30am and give the team plenty of time to make the flight.

Politically things are very quite.  Here in La Ceiba you would be hard pressed to notice any difference.  There is no increased police or military presence and there are no protests.  Of the 100+ Hondurans I have talked to in the past three days ALL of them support the ouster of the old President.

The Honduran government is moving forward.  The ousted President is vowing to return on Thursday.  There are limited protests, but only in the Capital city (300 miles away).

Please check back frequently for updates as I pass on information about the departure of our short term missionaries.