The Coupe, Inside And Out

On Sunday the President of Honduras was arrested and kicked out of office.  He was replaced by the leader of the Honduran Congress.  This was all done in accordance of with the Honduran Constitution.  While the world media is reporting it as a “military” coupe, almost everyone in Honduras views it as something else.

INSIDE the boarders of Honduras there is peace and calm.  All banks, schools and stores are open.  Airports, buses and taxis are running normally.  Internet, phone, power and television have all operated with an interruption in service.  In our town of La Ceiba there is no increased police or military presence.  There has been one death.  It was of a man that stepped in front of a military vehicle at a protest in the Capital city.

We have not talked to a single Honduran that does not support the ouster of the old President.  Anti-government protests are small and infrequent.  On Tuesday there was a peaceful rally in Tegucigulpa where 5,000 people showed support for the current government by waving flags and singing hymns.  Wednesday afternoon there are three more “peace rallies” planned throughout the country to show support for the current government.

OUTSIDE of Honduras nearly all the world’s media are reporting a military controlled country and an unconstitutional power grab.  Presidents Obama, Castro, Chavez, Ortega, the U.N. and the European Union have all condemned the current government and called for the reinstatement of the old President.  The stage has been set with nearly the entire world facing off against Honduras.

On Thursday a showdown has been set.  The ousted President plans to return to take control of the country.  The Honduran Attorney General has stated that there is a warrant out for his arrest for violations of the Constitution, and he will be arrested when he steps off the airplane.

Please pray often and return back to our blogs for regular updates.