Slowly Retuning To Normal?

The streets and halls of government in Honduras are returning to normal.

All inter-city bus companies have resumed services.  In Tegucigulpa (the capital city) most streets near government offices are clear of police or military blockades.  Reports from the rest of the country indicate that calm prevails.

Honduras’ land borders with Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua have re-opened to commercial traffic; private vehicles and tourist buses are still being allowed to cross unhindered.  These same countries have lifted a trade embargo against Honduras.

Honduran airports remain open for regularly scheduled flights.  Continental Airlines, American Airlines and Delta Airlines continue to operate flights as usual.  Taca had halted service for an unrelated reason and is now flying again.

The government of Honduras has imposed a curfew effective from 10:00p.m. to 5:00 a.m. each night.  Police are peacefully enforcing the curfew and few curfew arrests have been reported.

The diplomatic route is sounding more and more possible as all sides are negotiating. The diplomatic route could hit a snag on Saturday as the old President is scheduled to return to Honduras.  The new government says he will be arrested for his crimes when he steps off the plane.

Keep praying and checking back regularly.