Church, Construction And Kids Club

We’ve had two full days with the team from Sovereign Grace Presbyterian Church from Charlotte, North Carolina.  These 15 short-term missionaries are doing a great job.

On Sunday we took the team to church in Armenia Bonito.  It was an all Spanish church service where they preached, sang and prayed in Spanish.  It was quite a new experience for the group, but they did a great job.

Sovereign Grace constructionMonday morning we returned to Armenia Bonito where our mission team continued on the construction of a new house for a needy family.  They raised the cinderblock walls to six feet tall and learned much about masonry work.

Sovereign Grace Kids ClubMonday afternoon the team from Sovereign Grace helped lead our Kids Club.  The team played jump rope and soccer with the kids.  They then sang Spanish Bible songs and performed a Spanish Bible skit for the kids.  They concluded their work with the 25 kids by completing a great craft.

The team is doing very well and enduring the heat.