Syringes, Cement And See Ya

Our visiting missionaries from Sovereign Grace Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, North Carolina are concluding their time in Honduras.  These 15 short-term missionaries have been a great help and have had a wonderful time.

building a houseThursday and Friday morning the team continued work on a new house for Marcos and Jolie in Armenia Bonito.  They worked feverishly and nearly completed raising all the walls.  The house should be completed shortly.

health clinicOn Thursday afternoon the team helped out in our free health clinic in Armenia Bonito.  We saw 38 patients in total.  The team checked each person’s vitals, provided free meds, and prayed for and evangelized each person.  The team was a great help in the clinic.

After construction was over on Friday the team said some tearful goodbyes to their new Honduran friends.  There were lot of hugs, adioses, weeping and pictures.  It is always amazing to see what deep and real bonds can be created in a week.

On Saturday morning we will take the team to the airport and say our own goodbyes.