Short-Term Mission Teams – Midway Point

The months of June, July and August is the chief period when U.S. churches send teams of short-term missionaries into the mission field. We are halfway through our first short-term mission season.  We have received three teams and we have three more still to come.

By the time the summer is over we will have received roughly 70 short-term missionaries from eight churches.  These teams will come from eight churches in Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, California and New York.

To organize these teams is a huge undertaking.  Preparation, administration and execution is a fulltime effort for our entire team.  It is physically and mentally draining.  But, the benefits far outweigh the toll.  Our ministry receives a huge blessing from our visitors.  They are all hard workers and learn to love the people they are serving.  The short termers also provide us with a charge and remind us how lucky we are to be working here.

At the midway point we are excited to say that this summer has already been a huge success for our ministry, the Honduran people and the churches sending short-term missionaries.  Satan has done a wonderful job this summer adding doubts and concerns into people’s minds.  But, God’s glory will not be thwarted.

Please pray for the four churches that will be sending missionaries to Honduras in the next six weeks, and praise God for the four churches that have already sent workers into the harvest.