Gospel Presentation In Kids Club

Our team hosted a great Kids Club in Armenia Bonito for 30 kids on Monday.  Kids Club started with water relay games, which rapidly turned into an uncontrollable water fight.  The kids were then taught the Spanish version of “Praise ye the Lord”.

kids at Kids ClubUsually we perform a skit that tells a story from the Bible.  This time our team did something a little different.  Instead of a skit the kids were given a presentation of the Gospel.  The kids were given the Color Presentation using different colored t-shirts.  This was a big hit.

special Josh craftWe concluded the Kids Club with a special craft.  Josh, our intern for eight months, is leaving on Saturday.  He is a favorite amongst the kids.  In commemoration of Josh’s departure we created a special coloring page of Josh and let the kids color as they desired.

After Kids Club the kids were very eager to just hang out and talk.  What a blessing.