Septic Tank, Rain And A Medical Clinic

On a very rainy day in Honduras our short-term team had another great day.  These missionaries from Soaring Oaks Presbyterian Church of Elk Grove, California and Faith Presbyterian Church of Sonoma, California are working hard.

septic tankIn the morning our team continued work on a new house for Ramon’s family.  They spent most of their time working on the septic tank.  On Friday we will work on constructing the bathroom for the house.  Ramon works with the youth in his church.  This work on his new home is a great blessing for him.

In the afternoon the rain came down and changed our plans a bit.  Two hours of heavy downpour doesn’t seem to impact the Hondurans, it slowed us down a bit.

medical clinicFor five hours we ran a medical clinic for the citizens of Armenia Bonito.  We provided free care for 38 patients.  Each person received prayer and evangelism.  The short-term team provided a great blessing for these people.