Kitchen, Kids And Lions

On Monday our short-term mission team had a great first full day working in Armenia Bonito. This mission team is from Rincon Mountain Presbyterian Church of Tucson, Arizona and Covenant Presbyterian Church of Paso Robles, California.

building a kitchenWe all started the day on a construction site. We began the building of a new indoor kitchen for the home of a Pastor. For years the Pastor’s family has used a rickety, leaky outdoor kitchen made of wood and a dirt floor. The team started construction on a new kitchen with cinderblock walls, a cement floor and a tin roof that will all be attached to the house.

singing with kidsThe afternoon saw our group put on a successful Kids Club for 32 youth. Following 30 minutes of games out on the field we took the kids inside and sang the Spanish version of Father Abraham. The team then treated the kids to a puppet version of Daniel in the lion’s den. Finally, our team helped the kids make their own lion puppet with a Bible verse on the back.

A hot, productive and fun first day in Armenia.