Construction, Cooking And Conjugation

The short-term mission team from Rincon Mountain Presbyterian Church of Tucson, Arizona and Covenant Presbyterian Church of Paso Robles, California is doing a great job. They are diving right in and impacting the lives of the people of Armenia Bonito.

building a wallThe mornings of Tuesday and Wednesday found us building a new indoor kitchen for the Pastor of a local church. Cinderblock walls, a cement floor and a tin roof will soon replace a dirt floor and wooden shack. The construction is hot and hard, but the team is doing well.

English classTuesday afternoon saw the team bringing their English ability into play. They helped to teach an English class to 15 eager Hondurans. The first part of the class consisted of table place settings and vocabulary surrounding food consumption. The second half was small group pronunciation. Each person sat down with one to three students and helped them pronounce English words and read a Bible story in English.

cookingOur lunch plans on Wednesday were special. Instead of our usual PB&J we sat down with a local family and enjoyed homemade Honduran food. Baleadas, empanadas and coconut bread were on the menu. But, before we ate the ladies tried their hands in the kitchen. They learned how to hand-make tortillas on a wood stove and how to prepare empanadas.

God is being glorified.