Summer Mission Season Comes To An End

On Saturday we said goodbye to our sixth and final short-term mission team of this summer. We hosted teams from California, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina and New York. Over 70 short-term missionaries, representing a dozen different churches stayed in our home.

We built two houses, helped complete a third house, added a kitchen to a home, and replaced a roof on both a house and a church. Our teams handed out vitamins, Bibles, new shoes and work gloves. They hosted dozens of kids Bible programs, health clinics, and English classes.

Our family was showered with countless gifts for which we can never say enough thanks. Our ministry was provided new soccer balls, Bibles, tracts, clothes, books, musical instruments, craft supplies and so much more.

It took so much time for our team to prepare and execute the logistics needed to provide food, beds, showers, transportation, work projects, and more. But, the benefit to us, our ministry and the Honduran people is immeasurable. It would make your head spin just to think about how many abused kids received hugs this summer, or how many sick people got free medication, or how many tears flowed (both Honduran and U.S.) at the goodbyes.

Real connections were formed and bonds were established. Today there are several hundred more people who love, pray for and support the people of Honduras. The genuine relationships that were established in the name of Christ are the true reward.