The Troxells Are Here

Mike and Ashley TroxellMike and Ashley Troxell are here. You may remember them as part of our first mission team this summer. They are from Covenant Community Church in Scottsdale, Arizona.   They are here for a few days to meet with our team and get to know us better.

The Lord has placed a lasting burden for Honduras on their hearts.  Our team and the Troxells are prayerfully considering them joining our team as full time missionaries here in Honduras. We are all trying to determine if God is calling them to serve side by side with us. We have spent several meetings, meals and outings together to become more acquainted and familiar with each other. We have all answered and asked dozens of questions.

After they leave we will all spend some time in prayer to try and understand God’s will for the Troxells. Please be in prayer for our team as we try and determine if our ministry is well served by inviting the Troxells to serve with us. We ask that you also be in prayer for the Troxells as they try and determine the Lord’s will for their lives.