Super Sarah Byrd

Sarah Byrd working hardSarah Byrd is in the middle of a two week internship with us here in Honduras. Sarah is a recent law school graduate and lives in North Carolina. She is about to start a new job, but before entering that adventure she decided to come down here and work with us.

It isn’t your usual missions internship (if there is such a thing) because of the timing. Post-short-term mission season is planning and organization time for us. Sarah is spending time counting, organizing, sorting and storing the thousands of ministry items we have. We had been given so many ministry supplies by visiting short-term mission teams this summer that bags were being stored on top of bags and we were loosing track of the great resources we had been given.

Sarah has been spending days sifting through the piles and uncovering gold mines for us. Our recent days have been filled with dozens of “oh yeah” moments as we remember that we had this or that stored somewhere. Now, with Sarh’s help, we will utilize the all gifts with which we have been blessed.

We are blessed with one more week of Sarah. Please pray for her.